Portlander’s Guide to Choosing a Wedding Band

Certain styles of wedding rings and bands remain popular for a reason but it’s those eye catching, unique designs that keep people intrigued. For a Portlander, you’ll want a ring that is hard to come by, something that perhaps is as weird as you are. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a traditional silver or gold but with all of the materials out there, why not go with something a bit outlandish? When choosing a wedding band of the bizarre variety, consider looking into materials such as, wood and tungsten or silicone. Each of these materials is uncommon but can be both elegant and durable.


With all the different species out there, wood wedding rings can provide an earthy flair that can easily blend into any look. These kinds of bands are generally supported with a metal backer, protecting it from breaking, as wooden pieces can crack and crumble very easily. While weighing the pros and cons of purchasing this style of ring is suggested, one can’t deny the beauty of this material.


Definitely uncommon and not often seen, silicone comes in many colors, sizes. For the couple that works heavily with their hands, this material might just be worth looking into. Silicone is tough and very flexible and because of this, you wouldn’t have to worry too much about finger swelling. Another reason why this material is amazing, is that there isn’t a risk of getting pinched by bent metal.


The metal on the rise is tungsten and the reason for this is due to its incredible strength and striking appearance. Naturally dark in color, this metal can handle almost anything you throw at it. However, when pressed, it will break. If you do decide to go this route, it is vital that you have your measurements spot on because tungsten can not be resized. You can even find rinds with gemstone and diamond inlays.

It’s not the price of a ring that makes it special, it’s the character that it possesses. Your wedding day is something to be remembered and having a ring that is one of a kind will make it all the more meaningful. At the same time, going with a style of ring that is non traditional can prove well worth it, as there are many materials out there that are a lot stronger and better suited for certain types of couples. At the end of the day, all that matters is the love within the gesture.